Presumption of Guilt and the Breakdown of Public Discourse

presumption of guilt and the lack of civil discourse

The meeting of the minds has become a contact sport!

Much is made of the lack of civil discourse and the breakdown of public discourse in American culture today. Is it time we declare the meeting of the minds to be a contact sport with special headgear?

The art of diatribe – a long, angry, bitter, satirical criticism against a different opinion – has always been practiced in the public square across generations and cultures. But doesn’t it seem worse than ever? Maybe I’m waxing nostalgic, but even in my lifetime, I seem to remember healthier expressions of dialog and debate on fiercely contested ideas.

Okay … I was born shortly before the Civil Rights Act was signed into law … my childhood was marked by the Roe v. Wade, the Vietnam War, nuclear proliferation, Watergate, and economic Stagflation. So it wasn’t very peaceful then either.

But I still seem to recall the mainstream political debates – every bit as contentious as today’s issues – having more civility. I think. Well … sometimes.

The constant companion of the diatribe today is the ad hominem attack – [Read more…]

Don’t Eat That Frog First

Eat that frog?

Eat that frog?

In his bestselling book, Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy tackles the issue of personal productivity with 21 ways to conquer procrastination, beginning with his classic breakfast recipe :

If the first thing you do when you wake up each morning is eat a live frog, nothing worse can happen the rest of the day!

If you’ve ever met Brian, read one of his books or heard him speak, you know what a disciplined, talented, savvy communicator – and person – he is. I have a lot of admiration for him. Better to listen to him than me! I’ve been known to procrastinate at times.

But I would humbly suggest that there are some days you will get more done by foregoing the frog for breakfast – it tastes nothing like chicken – and enjoying your Cheerios, oatmeal or bacon and eggs. [Read more…]

The Best Selling Books and Series of All Time

What are the best selling books and series of all time?

Presentation Note:

With so many different formats, editions, and languages, counting the number of units sold of a book is tough – even with contemporary titles. Then there are the classics that have been published across centuries by many publishers and in many languages and editions. I’ve listed such classics, notably The Holy Bible, in a separate section.

I’ve also highlighted several books series as a separate category. But after referring to numerous ” sort of definitive” and “not quite authoritative” lists, here is a consensus of best-selling books of all time.

Any surprises for you? How many have you read?

15 Romantic Movies

Ready for Valentine’s Day yet? Here are 15 fabulously romantic movies to choose from for date night. From classics like Casablanca and African Queen, t0 sweet (and yes, a little sappy) Disney offerings like Enchanted and Beauty and the Beast, to a trio of selections based on Romeo and Juliet – with a few entertaining love stories you might have forgotten about.
You are sure to find something she will love and he will like!

The Grape Detox Diet

Larry Stone was owner and publisher of Rutledge Hill Press - where he introduced Life's Little Instruction Book to the world.

Larry Stone was owner and publisher of Rutledge Hill Press – where he introduced Life’s Little Instruction Book to the world.

Larry Stone is a publishing legend, someone I admire and, I’m proud to say, a good friend. We had breakfast last week and he told me about an annual detox diet he and his wife Lois do together each year. Having lost 50 pounds this past year, my ears perked up. I am interested in anything that will help me keep weight off – and be healthier. I think you’ll enjoy this guest post – and you just might  find a new health commitment to begin each year!

I have told many friends about the detox diet my wife and I have followed in January for the last 30 years. It may sound nutty, but it does make us feel better, more alive, and more energetic and keeps us at our target weight. My wife looks fabulous, and at 69, we both still water ski and climb mountains.

What makes this grape detox diet so interesting is its history. In 1927 Johanna Brandt left South Africa for the United States to tell her story of having been cured of cancer by “The Grape Cure.” Although she discovered this diet, she claims it had been known for centuries. I’m not claiming it cures anything. But I do know all of us tend to put poisons in our body, and this diet will eliminate them. [Read more…]