Thursday, February 19, 2009

an atheist speaks out on proselytizing

Penn Jillette, half the Penn and Teller comedy team, and an avowed atheist gave some interesting comments on his video blog after a man presented a Gideon Bible to him at the conclusion of one of his shows.

Agree? Disagree? Makes you think!


  1. This deserves a comment because it illustrates the power of love. What I think he is getting at is that he felt this as an expression of love. This may be the only time he has truly seen God, in so far as one defines God as love. This is powerful and undeniable, even to the atheist.

  2. Great observation. I know I was thinking that other people would have been highly offended and yet he was obviously moved. I think you nailed what he sensed in the encounter.

  3. Wow, I am kinda just reminds me of what the true message of believers should be....and is when God works through us....