God’s Help for Your Every Need: 101 Life-Changing Prayers

God's Help for Your Every Need written by Mark Gilroy

101 Life-Changing Prayers

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

—Hebrews 4:16 NKJV

Prayer is much more than the words you say to God. Prayer goes back to the beginning of time, to the Garden of Eden, where God walked and talked with Adam and Eve daily, making it crystal clear for all of us to understand and see, He desires fellowship with us.

Prayer is God’s invitation for us to enter into his presence with confidence, not timidity. It is his invitation to us to speak our hurts and needs and worries. Prayer is God’s antidote to the toxins of fear, cynicism, skepticism, and self-centeredness. Prayer is the wonderful opportunity for us to grow in faith and attitude as we express our love, gratitude, and praise to God. Prayer is the place to find forgiveness and begin repentance as we confess our sins to God.

You have been given a tremendous gift, rooted in God’s desire to spend time with you. It is called prayer. Respond to this gracious invitation to experience more fully the peace, joy, purpose, wisdom, and power of knowing God.


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God’s Help for Your Every Need is divided into six sections – they are listed below with samples of the prayer topics. Click on highlighted topics to read samples that have been shared on blogs.

Home and Family

  • There Is Conflict in My Home
  • Guard My Children from Bad Influences
  • Bless My Spouse
  • My Child Is Struggling and I Don’t Know How to Help
  • My Parent’s Health Is Deteriorating

Attitudes and Emotions

  • I Need Courage
  • A Friend Has Betrayed Me
  • I Lack Confidence
  • I Am Struggling with Anger
  • I Feel So Alone

Work and Finances

  • I Need a Job
  • My Company Is Struggling
  • I Am Being Sued
  • I Want a Job Promotion
  • I Am Being Asked to Compromise My Character
  • I Need to Live Within My Means

Spiritual Growth

  • I Am Struggling with Temptation
  • I Have Drifted Spiritually and Need to Come “Home”
  • I Need to Forgive
  • I Need to Simplify My Life
  • Renew My Strength
  • I Have Doubts

My World and Nation

  • Bless My Country
  • Give Wisdom to Our Leaders
  • Establish Racial Harmony
  • Protect Our Soldiers
  • Help Me Speak the Good News

Mission and Service

  • I Want to Be A Blessing
  • I Am Bored and Lack Purpose
  • I Want to Share My Faith
  • I Need Hope for the Future
  • Loving My World