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Every Breath You Take Reviews and Stars

Every Breath You Take reviews and ratings and reader comments continue to roll in. I’ve updated a quick highlight of what people like about the book and Detective Kristen Conner. Just in case you miss it, there are now 60 5-star ratings – and yes, there are four 1-star ratings, so a few people really don’t like it. I hope you enjoy!

Just a reminder, Cold As Ice hits the market on October 28, 2014!

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Every Breath You Take

“Every Breath You Take is an action-packed pEvery Breath ANGLEolice procedural that will keep you flipping pages.” – FRESH FICTION

When the son of a Chicago billionaire is murdered the only lead on this high-profile crime – one that has the media buzzing and politicians scrambling – is an exclusive dating service that discretely caters to the rich and famous.

Who better to go undercover in the world of personal profiles, promising matches, and questionable motives than an ace detective who is single and as attractive as she is tough?

Some dates are to kill for – but some dates will get you killed.

Detective Kristen Conner may not be able to figure out her own love life, but she is about to get a crash course on finding Mr. Right – even as she finds herself in the crosshairs of a determined killer’s gun.

Conner and the fabulous cast of characters that made Cuts Like a Knife a debut sensation are back and on the case.

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Character Interviews and Features

Detective Kristen Conner Interview

Detective Kristen Conner

Klarissa Conner interview

Klarissa Conner

The Cutter Shark is a serial killer that haunts Detective Kristen Conner in the M.K. Gilroy novels.

The Serial Killer




The Return of Kristen Conner

Available August 1!

Available August 1, 2015!

The return of Kristen Conner … she’s back and she’s (still a little) mad!

First item of business, the only way to purchase either of the first two Kristen Conner murder mysteries is as a used paperback online – yes – it’s true – Cuts Like a Knife and Every Breath You Take are officially out of  print.

I take that back. The large-print library editions published by Center Point and the audio editions published by Oasis Audio are still available. All eBook editions are down and gone!

But that’s not a bad thing – it’s by design. Worthy Publishing bought rights to the first two novels and did a fabulous job. Both books hit #1 on Barnes & Noble. The covers, trailers, and publicity were great. I was very fortunate to get reviews from some of the major national media outlets that cover books – Publishers Weekly, USA Today, Romance Times, and many others.

Revised Edition

Revised Edition – available August 1, 2015!

But Worthy’s sweet spot is nonfiction and we agreed that it was the right time for the series to move. Note: With the percentage of fiction sold in the eBook format, many publishers are contracting their fiction lists – this is standard operating procedure in today’s publishing universe.

Enter Sydney Lane Press – a fiction company founded by yours truly and one of my colleagues from when I was publisher at Thomas Nelson – Brian Henson. Brian and I have complimentary (and wildly different) gifts and talents. (For example, Brian can do math.) Our business model will be to bring proven fiction authors back to market.

But back to Kristen Conner.

Cold As Ice will be available August 1, 2015. Yay! To all who have asked “when is the next one coming?” … THANK YOU for your patience.

Revised Edition

Revised Edition – available August 1, 2015!

New editions of Cuts Like a Knife and Every Breath You Take will be available on August 1, 2015. In particular, Every Breath You Take has undergone a major new edit – not quite a rewrite, but close!

Jeane and Tyson Wynn of Wynn-Wynn Media will be handling publicity.

For fans of the Kristen Conner series I would appreciate it very much if you could …

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More news to come!