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Social Network Numbers in 2014

What are the social network numbers in 2014? Just how many people are using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and more?

The social network numbers are staggering. There are 7.2 billion people on planet Earth – the top 21 social networks have a combined 5.7 billion user profiles. More than a third of the world population now has access to the internet.

Some people still argue that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the other top networks are huge time wasters. Maybe so. But the numbers tell a story. To dismiss social networking as irrelevant feels similar to the great Yogi Berra quote: “No one goes to that restaurant anymore because it’s too crowded.”

Whether you join a network because it’s the newest craze, to connect with old and new friends, to entertain, to be entertained, to market and sell, to buy – or some combination that includes other reasons, here is what is happening in the universe of social networks in 2014. [Read more…]

Is America at Its Best Ever?


Is America at its best ever?

Matt Goeller is a veteran broadcaster, freelance writer, and father of three. He admits he lost his jump shot years ago!

One of my high school friends, Matt Goeller, posted the following thoughts on Facebook. Like him, they are intelligent, articulate, thought-provoking, and maybe just a little contrarian! I appreciate him giving permission to share what he wrote through my blog. You might agree – or disagree – in all or part, but what a great reminder to think carefully about who determines our perceptions of what is happening in front of our very eyes.

So . . . is America at its best ever? Is that remotely possible?

I read a Facebook post from a friend who I know to be thoughtful and reasonably positive. But on this particular day he was questioning the values of our country and its people based on the fact that he had read more about Caitlyn Jenner winning a sports hero award than he had about servicemen being murdered on American soil. His closing comment was a sarcastic one about what a great time it is to be an American.

The-media-paints-aI feel it is a great time to be an American, but too many of us feel a sense of doom and gloom.

Is it possible that America is no different or even better than it ever was and that you may be using the wrong yardstick to pass judgement on your country and its citizens? Allowing yourself to perceive the values of our nation by what you read or hear about via social media and network news reports is a terrible idea. Both of those types of “reporting”  exist for a singular reason that has nothing to do with reporting news. It is there only to provide eyes and ears for advertisers. [Read more…]

What Is the Biggest Media Format Globally?

Global dollars spent on media entertainment, including books, magazines, movies. music, and video games.

What media format generates the most revenue dollars worldwide? A lot of people will be surprised to discover that the good old book publishing industry is larger than movies, magazines, video games, and music in the global media and entertainment industry.

The global estimates for book publishing include trade, educational, and science-technology-medical publishing. It is fair to argue that educational and science-technology-medical publishing should not be used to compare books against entertainment. But then we have to remove those categories from television and magazines – and the comparison gets impossible.

With the explosion of digital publishing, there are those that have declared the “book is dead.” But the oldest communication technology is still alive and kicking!

The data was gathered by Rudiger Wischenbart Content Consulting for the International Publishers Association 2013 report.